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High Country Conservatory of Dance: Fort Collins Dance Programs

Ballet Program HCCD teaches exclusively the Russian method of ballet because we believe it is the best! It is a "tried and true" method, producing many of the world's greatest ballet dancers of all time. This method was developed with the body of the dancer in mind; it makes sense physically. HCCD's curriculum and training focuses on strict technique. Regardless of whether a dancer trains for fun, personal fitness, or for a future in dance, HCCD feels it is important to be taught the techniques correctly.

Clogging & Power Tap Program... HCCD has a special program for "clogging" and "power tap" beginning at the age of eight. This program can take a dancer from the beginning stages all the way to the "Pro" level. Each level builds on the previous level in a step by step format that allows the dancers to have a strong technical base. We also offer a variety of extra technique classes that focus specifically on certain techniques in the levels. These classes are for students who are already enrolled in our clogging and power tap program. It is another way that HCCD can help dancer's move ahead quickly! HCCD is the only studio known nationally to have a levels program for its clogging and power tap classes. Students in this program have received national titles and awards, performed nationally and internationally, and appeared on NBC's "America's Got Talent." HCCD's Clogging and Power Tap program is "tried and true," and has turned out leading performers and competitors for over a decade.

Hip Hop & Break Dancing ProgramsHCCD offers an extensive hip hop and break dancing program that begins at age five. Students complete and pass through specific levels. These programs are based on strong technique and are consistently updated with all of the "cutting edge" techniques needed for a dancer's success in today's ever-changing dance scene. Our program is taught in a "step-by-step" approach that will insure success.

Tumbling Dance Program HCCD offers a step by step tumbling program beginning at age five. Dancers work to complete levels created and taught in a "step by step" manner to ensure a dancer's success. Our program is built with the dancer in mind. Tumbling is an important addition to any style of dance.

Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical ProgramsThese programs begin at age eight. HCCD's programs in jazz, contemporary, and lyrical are based on a strong ballet technique base. These basic technique elements are carefully integrated into our levels programs to ensure success in our dancers. As Jan Erkert, a professor of dance at Columbia University explained, "For the dancer, technique is a harness that provides the necessary control to fly and spin, allowing the dancer to rebound in and out of the earth with unseen wings." Our program focuses on developing this "harness" within our dancers through the use of a step by step approach.

Combo & Preschool classesHCCD starts dancers at two years old. These classes focus on the techniques associated with ballet & jazz and form the building blocks for the "Combo Classes" starting at age three. These classes are fun and educational. For dancers between the ages of 3-7 years old, we offer "Combo Classes" in two age groupings (3-4yrs & 5-7yrs). This is a wonderful way to introduce dance to children. They split their time between percussive (tap & clogging) and non-percussive dance styles (ballet & jazz). This makes the class exciting for the children, keeping their attention riveted during the constant changing pace, while still learning the fundamental techniques. Our Combo classes are 45-60 minutes in length.

Adult ProgramsStudents in our adult classes learn moves and routines in a casual atmosphere. Our instructors understand the needs of adult students and approach the class differently from our children's programs. Many of our adults use our dance program as an opportunity to stay fit, have fun and socialize. Many of our adults also enjoy performing; however, this is not a requirement.



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