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Clogging/Power Tap Program (8yrs. and up)…

Clogging/Power Tap Program (8yrs. and up)

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"You make clogging look HOT!" – Mel B.

"WOW…it's inspiring, it's fun, it's talent, you guys are great! – Howie Mandel

HCCD's Clogging (also known as Power Tap) Program has produced professional dancers for over a decade. Our dancers have performed and competed nationally and internationally and were featured on the hit NBC Reality Show, America's Got Talent in 2008 and 2014. These classes focus on strong technique. Regardless of whether a dancer wants to train for fun, personal fitness, or for a future in dance, HCCD makes sure that they will be taught correctly from the start.

Beginner Clogging Program…

Beginner Ballet ProgramHCCD starts students in this program at the age of eight. We accept new clogging students all year long! We offer many options in our program for the beginning dancer. We love working with new students and training them from the ground up!

Getting Started…

All students begin their training in our "Clogging Essential's Class." This class teaches the beginning elements needed for success in our level one class. This class is one hour long. When students learn these basic techniques, they immediately advance into a level one class. Starting in level one, they can choose between a once or twice-aweek class. For students going one time a week, it usually takes two plus years to move into level two clogging. If students desire to move more quickly, they can attend the twice-a-week level one classes in our Pre-professional Clogging Program (see below).

Previous Experience? …

If you have had previous experience, please call and set up a FREE assessment with us to determine which level is right for you!

Pre-Professional Clogging Program…

HCCD'S Pre-professional program is specifically designed for dancers desiring to excel more quickly. In addition to classes that meet multiple days a week, students are given the opportunity to work directly with HCCD's clogging methodologist, attend master classes, special workshops, and other specific events. Dancers successfully finishing this program will have developed the strength, technique, and finesse needed to be ranked among the top clogging dancers in the country.

Classes & Study Format

Classes & Study Format…

Hours of Study: The Pre-professional Clogging Program meets multiple times a week. For the serious student, this is necessary. Without the multiple hours, students won't be able to move to the advanced levels. Each of these levels lay the building blocks for success in future levels. Four week technique classes are also offered for additional skill development.

Hours/Days per level:

Competition & Performance Companies…

Competition & Performance CompaniesAlthough all of our technique classes perform, dancers also have the opportunity to audition for performance and/or competition teams.

Our competition teams compete at multiple competitions and attend the U.S.A. Clogging Nationals every year. Competition is just one more way for dancers to increase their technique through the constant drilling and perfecting of every movement.

Competition & Performance CompaniesOur performance teams have the opportunity to perform in many venues around the country such as Disneyland, pre-shows in Branson, Missouri, week-long shows in Silver Dollar City as well as being invited to perform in many venues in our area including the annual Longs Peak Scotch-Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park. Dancers on our performance teams learn the important fundamentals and protocol associated with putting on a professional show. They also develop a higher level of performance quality.

Competition & Performance Companies

Qualified Instructors…

Because HCCD has the only Pre-professional Clogging Program in the area, we personally train all of our instructors in the method we use! Our instructors are some of the most qualified in the country, and they are chosen for their teaching ability and ethics.


MethodologistWhy a methodologist? In order to have a cohesive program, it is vital to have a highly skilled staff member responsible for each dance genre. They regularly view all of the classes and insure that the instruction is consistent in each level and from instructor to instructor. Although each instructor has their own teaching style, the placement, coordination and class progression should be the same. A methodologist ensures that students are getting the best instruction both technically and artistically. They also know the method the school uses "inside and out." Without a methodologist there can be no consistency from level to level or instructor to instructor. This lack of consistency can lead to great frustration for the student and directly impede their progress as a dancer.

When will you see HCCD's methodologists? All students in HCCD's Pre-Professional Program will be viewed and instructed by the methodologist every semester in order to insure student progression and syllabus consistency.

Our Clogging Methodologists

Amberley Meehleis
Clogging Methodologist

AMBERLEY MEEHLEIS: Amberley Meehleis has studied the art of clogging for over two decades. In addition to her extensive training, she received her National Teaching Certification in 2006 from the National Clogging Leaders Organization, Inc. Amberley has coached numerous students who have received national titles, honors, and awards.

Her professional dance career includes both competitive and performance experience. Amberley was the National Grand Champion A Capella Soloist in 2006 and has received numerous Overall and Grand Champion awards with her clogging company throughout the United States. In 2003, Amberley was recognized for her achievements by the United States House of Representatives. Amberley was also asked to perform in Italy and represent American dancers during Italy's Folk Festival tour. In addition to this, Amberley has performed all across the United States including week long performances at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. In 2008 and 2014 ("The FAMtastix"), Amberley was seen on the hit NBC reality show, "America's Got Talent."

As a teacher and methodologist, Amberley is known for her strong and straight-forward teaching method, clarity and phenomenal technique.

Caitlynn Meehleis
Caitlynn Meehleis
Clogging Methodologist

CAITLYNN MEEHLEIS-CACKA: Caitlynn Cacka has coached and prepared students for performances and competitions for over a decade. She is a master teacher known for her detailed focus, strong technique and results. Caitlynn has studied extensively the detailed methodology of clogging, and in 2008 received her National Clogging Instructor Certification from the National Clogging Leaders Organization.

Through the years, Caitlynn has received numerous titles and awards in her professional and pre-professional dancing career. Caitlynn has performed and competed extensively around the United States. She has received "Overall" awards both as a soloist and with her Grand Champion Team, "Steel Impact" (formerly "Sterling Silver"). In 2010, Caitlynn and her company were the Grand Champion Winners of the touring show, "America's Next Great Star." She was also featured in 2008 and 2014 ("The FAMtastix") on the exciting reality show, "America's Got Talent" and honored and recognized for her achievements by The United States House of Representatives in 2003.

Meghan Knighton
Meghan Knighton
Clogging Methodologist

MEGHAN MEEHLEIS-KNIGHTON: Meghan Knighton has been coaching cloggers for over a decade. Over the years she has trained dancers and teams that have taken high and overall awards at regional and national competitions. As an individual, she has performed and competed both nationally and internationally. Some of her highlight performances have included week long engagements in Branson Missouri, a ten day tour in Italy representing American dance, featured on NBC's "America's Got Talent" in 2008 and 2014 ("The FAMtastix"), winner of "America's Next Great Star" in 2010, as well as receiving national titles for her choreography and dancing. In 2001, 2002, & 2003, Meghan worked and helped put on the "Rocky Mountain Clogging Championships", one of the qualifying competitions for the USA National Clogging Championships. Meghan has been a judge for "America

On Stage's" National Competition. In addition to this, she has taught at workshops around the country. Meghan has choreographed for many shows and venues. She is also the Co-Artistic Director of the Steel Impact Dance Company. Over the last decade she has helped produce and been the Co-Artistic Director of many full-length HCCD Productions including, "An Evening of Percussive Dance" (2005, 2006, 2007), "Unforgettable (2009), "On Broadway" (2011), "That's Entertainment" (2012), "Let's Dance" 2013, and "The American Journey" (2014).

In 2003, Meghan was among a select group that was recognized for their achievements by the United States House of Representatives. She also received her National Clogging Instructor Certification from the National Clogging Leaders Organization in 2006. In 2010, Meghan received her BFA in dance from Colorado State University with a focus in ballet and modern dance. She also has had the opportunity to study under world renowned Professor Carol Roderick, Professor of Ballet at Colorado State University, where she has received additional certifications for the instruction of the Russian Method of Ballet.

As a choreographer, she is known for her creative, "cutting-edge" style. As a teacher she is known for her ability to produce results with her dancers, as well as having a wonderful caring personality that works well with all age groups..



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