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Ballet Program (8yrs. and up)…

HCCD teaches exclusively the Russian method of ballet because we believe it is the best! It is a "tried and true" method, producing many of the world's greatest ballet dancers of all time. This method was developed with the body of the dancer in mind; it makes sense physically. HCCD's curriculum and training focuses on strict technique. Regardless of whether a dancer trains for fun, personal fitness, or for a future in dance, HCCD feels it is important to be taught the techniques correctly.

Beginner Ballet Program…

Beginner Ballet ProgramHCCD starts students at the age of eight (For our younger students, we suggest our "combo" program). We love working with new students and training them from the ground up! We offer many options in our program for the beginning dancer.

Getting Started…

We start all new students in our "Essential's Class." This one hour class teaches the elements needed to succeed in the level one classes. After learning the basic techniques in the "Essential's Class," students are prepared to audition into what we call our "Pre-professional" Ballet Program (see below).

Previous Experience?...

If you have had previous experience, please call and set up a FREE assessment with us to determine which level is right for you!

Pre-professional Ballet Program…

Beginner Ballet ProgramHCCD'S Pre-Professional Program is specifically designed for each dancer's success and safety! These classes meet multiple days a week for various lengths of time. Training in the Russian method is physically demanding. Therefore, it is imperative that students attend more than once a week. Without the multiple hours, students will never be able to progress, nor gain the muscle strength needed for progression and personal safety. Dancers who desire to excel in ballet's "sister" styles (i.e. jazz, lyrical, and contemporary) also need this consistent weekly training to succeed, as these styles are all based off of ballet.

Special Opportunities…

Students in this program are given the opportunity to work directly with HCCD's methodologist, Professor Carol Roderick, attend Master Classes, view CSU's final exams (which are based solely on the Russian Method), as well as other specific events. Dancers who successfully complete this program will have developed the strength, technique and finesse to proceed further in a dance career (if they so choose).

Classes & Study Format…

Hours of Study:

Ballet 1: 2x a week (1.5 hrs. each class)
Ballet 2: 2x a week (2 hrs. each class)
Ballet 3: 3x a week (2 hrs. each class)
Ballet 4: 4x a week (2 hrs. each class)
Ballet 5+: 5x a week (2 hrs. each class)

Qualified Instructors…

Beginner Ballet ProgramNot all instructors are alike! HCCD does not just hire anyone! Special care is taken in our hiring process. Our instructors are some of the most qualified and best teachers in the country. Most of our teachers have bachelors and graduate degrees, are nationally certified, and/or have vast experience and recognition in their chosen field of dance. Our teachers are also chosen for their ability to relate to the needs of our students both academically and personally. In addition to our amazing instructors, HCCD has a methodologist who works directly with our instructors to ensure consistency (see below).

Ballet Performance Company…

Although all of our levels perform technical dances in the recitals and showcases, dancers also have the opportunity to learn both classical and contemporary repertoire through joining HCCD's Ballet Performance Company.


Beginner Ballet ProgramWhy a methodologist? In order to have a cohesive program, it is vital for a school to have highly skilled people on staff to view all of the classes and insure that the instruction is consistent in each level and from instructor to instructor. Although each instructor has their own teaching style, the placement, coordination and class progression should be the same. Methodologists insure that students are getting the best instruction both technically and artistically. They also know the method that the school uses "inside and out." This enables them to keep the school, its instructors and students progressing in the proper "step by step" manner needed for the success of each dancer. Without a methodologist there is no consistency from level to level or instructor to instructor. This lack of consistency can lead to great frustration for the student and directly impede their progress as a dancer.

When will you see HCCD's methodologist? Students in HCCD's Pre-Professional Program will be viewed by our methodologist throughout the year. In addition to the viewings, the methodologist meets with the HCCD instructors, both individually and as a group, discussing the personal needs of the students and syllabus consistency. Our methodologist is present at exams and helps make final decisions on level advancement. Each summer a ballet "intensive," taught by the methodologist, is included as part of the program. Students also have the opportunity to audition for special performance opportunities where they learn repertoire and choreography directly from the methodologist.

Our Ballet Methodologist – Professor Carol Roderick

Beginner Ballet Program
Prof. Carol Roderick
Ballet Methodologist

Carol Roderick is assistant professor of ballet at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has taught, coached, and trained teachers for professional companies, universities, and prestigious schools in the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.

She received her early training in Boston, and later at Butler and Indiana Universities. Her formal pedagogical training was with the late Jurgen Schneider (Bolshoi Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, American Ballet Theatre) and Gabriela Komleva (Kirov/Mariinski Ballet).

She was a member of the professional division faculties of Boston Ballet School and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. She directed the Colorado Ballet School, Tulsa Ballet School, and Academy of Ballet Idaho. She was principal teacher of AIS Ballet in Kobe, Japan for two years. She was the Program Manager for the Bolshoi Ballet at Vail, and also served as ballet mistress for Cleo Parker Robinson New Dance Ensemble in Denver, Colorado. For many years, she ran her own pre-professional training program in Denver - Classical Ballet Ensemble.

She has coached and prepared students for the Prix de Lausanne, Japan Gran Prix, New York International Ballet Competition and the USA International Ballet Competition, as well as the CSU Dance Teacher's Institute, a training program for professional and aspiring instructors. She has been a guest teacher for many schools and companies, including The Harid Conservatory, Kansas City Ballet School, Boston Ballet, St. Paul City Ballet, Kummoto Ballet (Japan), City of Osaka (Japan), and University of Utah.

She is known as a meticulous, skilled and inspirational teacher and coach. She is also a knowledgeable and precise stager of classical repertoire. Her students are known for their clarity and strength of technique, musical expressiveness, coordination, and movement quality. Many of her students have gone on to professional performance, choreographic, and teaching careers



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