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Twinkle Star Dance (2-7 years)

Twinkle Star Dance Twinkle Star Dance


Our Twinkle Star Classes are fun, magical, and energetic. Dancers learn the basics of dance, classroom etiquette, and body awareness, through using our fun and innovative curriculum. Below are our class breakdowns by age. Dancers are welcome to register for more than one class a week if they would like more practice.

Twinkle Babies:

Twinkle Stars:

Click here to learn “What parents should expect on their child’s first day of class!”


Dancers in this program have the opportunity to perform three times a year!

Twinkle Star DanceCost for Performances: For all three recitals, there is a low, one-time fee due each year. This is not per recital, but for all three combined. This helps cover the down payment associated with reserving the theatre, as well as other production costs. For entry into the theatre, family members need to purchase tickets.

Costume: Dancers will buy ONE costume and wear it to all performances.

Daddy/Daughter Dance: This is an optional performance opportunity for dancers ages 4 & Up. It is not part of our three Recitals, but is in our HCCD Show (a separate event). It does require another costume. Daddy’s wear black suits and ties, dancers have a specific (inexpensive) costumes they purchase for this special event. Dancers/Daddy’s do not have to pay for an extra class. They must attend a limited amount of (FREE) rehearsals, and pay a $50.00 fee to take part in this show. Rehearsal details will be out in January. Sign-up on the HCCD Bulletin boards (starting Mid-Fall) to take part in this opportunity. Please Note: Dancers can also perform with a grandfather, father figure, or special family friend instead of a father.


New Students…

Ask about our “Twinkle Star Power Package.” For one low price, you receive everything you need for your class!

Below are the items required for class. All of these items are available in HCCD’s in-house store, “Aspen Leaf Dancewear.” The Leotards and “Twinkle packs” must be purchased from HCCD as they cannot be found elsewhere.

Come in today to get fitted for your “Twinkle” gear!!

Twinkle Babies Class Leotard & Bear“Twinkle Babies”
Class Leotard & Bear
Twinkle Babies Class Leotard & Bear“Twinkle Stars”
Class Leotard

Twinkle Babies (2-4yrs):

Twinkle Stars (5-7yrs):

Hair: Please have your dancer’s hair in a bun and out of their face. This is not only important for dance, but also helps with tumbling, so their hair does not get pulled while doing stunts. Hair nets, bun covers, etc. are available in our Aspen Leaf Dancewear store.

Twinkle Star Dance
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