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Here's what our Students & Parents are Saying:

“Rick & Michelle –
I know you have been nationally recognized, but I can't imagine you don't like feedback.

Kent and Peggy dragged me and my wife to the show last night. I have seen Riverdance live, I have seen Broadway shows at venues like the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles, I have seen Vegas shows, and I have seen countless plays at the Carousel Theater. Your deal last night – this wasn't the VFW – this wasn't Duluth, MN – this was the MOST entertaining and talented performance I have ever experienced. I sat there literally tapping my feet the whole night. As Kent calls me, the Klicker was blown away.

Fort Collins should be packing the Lincoln Center – people are flat out missing out locally. Great job – those smiling performers have left this sports minded wine drinking CPA with a smile on my face that will be here throughout the Season.

Thanks!!! And Merry Christmas to you and your family.”
-R. C. Klick, CPA

“From our very first lesson with High Country Conservatory of Dance, I knew we had found something special.  The instructors and director know my children and are personally aware of their progress, providing individualized instruction both inside and outside formal classes. Because classes are well run, much is accomplished, and the instructors' ability to break dances down to individual steps enables students to grasp complicated sequences. Perhaps most importantly, however, the instructors genuinely enjoy dancing and teaching--which is infectious. My son and daughter remain excited and eager dancers.”
 – A. Houchin

“They're the best dancers I've ever seen. The teachers are patient with you, so you can learn.”
 – Rune Houchin

“When I make a mistake, Meghan let's me do it over so that I can get it right.”
 – T. Houchin

“We absolutely love HCCD!  My daughter has picked up the steps so well and the dances seem so difficult!  We also enjoy the monthly report cards on her progress. The teachers are wonderfully skilled in dance, and are great with the students!  Thank you HCCD!”
 – A. Yates

“My daughter and I both dance at HCCD. We love to dance and doing it together makes it something special that we share. She gets a lot of joy out of performing with her mom at the same recitals. I cannot express how happy we are with HCCD. It is a great form of exercise and a great place to make new friends. In addition, the family that runs this business is simply wonderful. They are a very warm group that makes you feel at home from day one. I highly recommend HCCD and would encourage anyone of any age to at least check out this wonderful dance facility.”
 – S. Canfield

“Our daughter absolutely loves her dance classes at HCCD and looks forward to them every week. The instructors do a wonderful job of keeping the kids on task but letting them have fun, as well--a difficult balance when working with five-year-olds! We consistently see huge improvements in our daughter's skills and love that we never have to ask her to practice--she takes this initiative on her own. We're sure that she's learned this enthusiasm for dance from her instructors. Thank you for all that you do!”
 – K. Burkhart

Our History"My daughter started with HCCD seven years ago and progressed from basic steps to competing nationally at the Junior Olympics and performing across the U.S. and on national TV in front of the "America's Got Talent" judges. Since then my other two daughters and I have all taken classes. If you are interested in fun and exercise – or competing and performing nationally at the highest levels – HCCD can make it happen for you!"
-Melanie Betros


Our History“Dancing at High Country Conservatory of Dance has been more than I ever could have asked for or imagined that a dance studio could offer. The atmosphere is unlike any other studio I have danced at. HCCD truly strives to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, accepted, and free to express themselves. It is an amazing place to not only develop into a well trained dancer, but also learn discipline, gain self-confidence, and build life-long friendships. I have had the experiences of a lifetime being able to compete across the nation, travel and perform at theme parks and festivals, and to dance on national television. When I first started dancing and performing ten years ago, I was dancing at two different studios and quit the other one to just dance at HCCD. I specifically remember my mom loving the fact that I had the opportunity to perform more often, compared to the typical once a year recitals like most studios. Another attribute that really makes High Country stand out among the rest is the wholesome environment and values that they uphold. The dancers are always in beautiful costumes that are modest, which is a very rare thing to see today, especially in the dance world. Also, it is very family oriented and accommodating to the needs of each individual specifically. Students here learn a lot more than how to dance; they learn how to be a good person. I attribute a lot of my comfort of being on stage to dancing with this studio growing up, and it has helped in so many aspects of my life including school, pageantry, and public speaking. Although with High Country I have been given the opportunities of a lifetime, traveled to places I never would have, won national titles with my team, and developed a unique talent and a passion for performing, nothing comes close to the family that I have become a part of through dancing here. This studio is so much more than a place to learn how to dance, it’s a family and this is very apparent from the directors and teachers to the newest of students. I wish every family could experience what this studio has to offer, it is truly unlike anything else.“
- Jacey Sisneros, Miss Colorado 2008

“When I started at HCCD, I felt like I had “two left feet!” I found the instructors’ patient, uplifting, and supportive. They made dancing fun and were able to break down the steps in such a way that I could understand and eventually master them. I highly recommend HCCD for anyone who wants to dance.”
- Matthew Knighton

“High Country Conservatory of Dance helps build confidence in their dancers and encourages them to reach beyond themselves.”
- Anne Macbeth

"Dancer Testimonials, Fort Collins Dance Studio"

High Country Conservatory of Dance provides dance classes in Fort Collins and Wellington, CO. Dance instruction include Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Clogging. Professional dance classes are available for everyone from young to old, the inexperienced to professional dancers. Discover today why the (HCCD) High Country Conservatory of Dance is widely recognized as the premiere dance studio in Fort Collins, Loveland and across Northern Colorado.



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